HAZE Automotive’s stated focus is to develop lighter and safer vehicles with improved performance, using next-generation materials with embedded sensors. In collaboration with AWOS, the HAZE team is using carbon fiber in its vehicle frames and integrating AWOS’s submersion sensors to give drivers and passengers a better chance of escaping a vehicle filling with water. 

Typically when a vehicle becomes submerged, electric windows fail and manual tools are ineffective with today’s shatter-resistant glass. Occupants become trapped in the vehicle with less than 1 minute to escape. The AWOS Automated Vehicle Escape System rapidly detects submersion and automatically lowers all power windows and immediately notifies emergency responders. The system works for both upright and inverted submersions. 

Sean Hazaray, CEO and founder of HAZE Automotive, explained, “Made with a unique approach to carbon fiber, our vehicle frame can dramatically reduce the curb weight of the vehicle, thus extending the battery range. By integrating the AWOS submersion sensors into our frames, we are taking a major step towards making our vehicles even safer for our customers, especially in the context of autonomous technology.”  

“The ability to detect water in the vehicle cabin opens up new innovations to make vehicles safer and makes our platform a game-changer in the niche mobility market,” Mr. Hazaray continued, “This is particularly crucial for electric vehicles, given the complexity of high-voltage batteries and the importance of ensuring passenger safety.” 

“Vehicle submersion claims the lives of tens of thousands of people every year,” says Shawn-Patrick Percher, CEO and co-founder of AWOS Technologies. “We’re thrilled to partner with HAZE and provide vehicle frames with AWOS built-in. This will make the vehicles stronger and safer.” For information from AWOS on surviving vehicle submersion, please visit: https://awostech.com/vehicle-submersion/