Deteriorated and leaking pipes are a major concern for pipeline owners and operators, and those in charge of maintenance and repair are constantly searching for cost-effective and long-lasting solutions to the issues. Portions of the Oakland-Macomb Interceptor Drain Drainage District’s (OMIDDD) Northeast Sewage Pumping station in Michigan were in need of repair to maintain reliability and functionality. Board members chose to restore and upgrade the current infrastructure instead of the costly and time-consuming process of demolishing and replacing the damaged components. 

A carbon fiber polymer lining from QuakeWrap Inc. was used to restore four 78-inch diameter pipes at the pump station. QuakeWrap’s system works by creating a continuous loop of two- to four-foot-wide carbon fabric bands saturated in epoxy resin applied to create a continuous loop around the pipes. By overlapping the bands of fabric, the fluids can easily flow from one band to the next.  

It is estimated that the use of the carbon fiber polymer liner saved $400,000 on the project. The pipes were successfully sealed and lined in just days, also saving time on the project.