The team at Helicoid Industries saw the need for a lighter, stronger motorcycle helmet to enhance safety and performance for both consumer riders and competitive racers. The lighter helmet lowers inertia, potentially decreasing the severity of head and neck injuries in a crash, as well as increasing comfort for riders and enhancing maneuverability.

Helicoid™ is a bioinspired fiber-reinforced composite technology based on microstructures found in nature that are able to protect themselves from extreme environments and strong impact. Implementing Helicoid™ technology, the team at Helicoid Industries was able to reduce the weight of protective helmet prototypes as well as reducing the composite materials used to produce the helmet by up to 25%. The helmet performed in impact tests at both hot and cold temperatures and against multiple surfaces. Even at the new, lighter weight, the helmet prototype meets ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) industry safety standards, including peripheral vision, impact absorption, perforation resistance, and more.