For outdoor enthusiasts, GEO-cab is now offering the Badger camper that installs directly to the source vehicle, even a smaller truck or SUV like a Ford Bronco or Jeep Gladiator.  And the Badger is lightweight and strong thanks to carbon fiber construction.

GEO-cab is the North American partner of GEHOcab GmbH. GEHOcab had great success with the KORA monocoque carbon fiber cab on the Volkswagen Amarok, designed to handle the extreme elements of off-road environments. The Badger’s design takes what was learned on the KORA and applies it to a much wider range of source vehicles.

The Badger has a full carbon fiber construction shell designed of a carbon fiber exterior with a honeycomb structure. A layer of carbon fiber on the interior further strengthens the camper. The cabin shell is manufactured by GEO-cab’s German aerospace partner INVENT and OFFROAD-MANUFAKTUR and will be built in collaboration between the German and U.S. facilities.