Moi Composites is a start-up 3D printing company using robots and advanced composite materials to create powerful products. To create MAMBO (Motor Additive Manufacturing BOat), Moi’s team worked with expert partners in automation, composites, and the marine industry and utilized their own patented scalable 3D printing technology, Continuous Fiber Manufacturing (CFM).

MAMBO’s unique shape, similar to an inverted tricycle, was digitally crafted in Moi’s CFM by machines depositing continuous fibers impregnated with thermosetting resin, creating fiber-reinforced products with mechanical characteristics that meet or exceed the characteristics of unidirectional fiberglass which is traditionally used in marine manufacturing. Bypassing the need for molds and other tooling, time and money are saved using the CFM process.

Sections of MAMBO were printed using two KUKA Quantec High Accuracy robots in Italy and at Autodesk’s Advanced Manufacturing Facility in the UK, then shipped to the Catmarine shipyard where they were joined and laminated into a one-piece sandwich structure.