To meet the urgent need to medical shelters caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Core Composites is developing its rapidly deployable Tupelo Flat emergency shelter solution, normally used by U.S. Military Command field hospitals.

Core Composites is working in partnership with ADS, an operations and logistics provider, to rapidly ready its Tupelo Flat Pack Shelter for use by hospitals needing extra capacity to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Tupelo Flat has been used successfully by the U.S. military for field hospitals and other structures and can be used for all medical needs, including as virus testing, surgical bays, MRIs and x-rays, intensive care, and other medical operations.

Thanks to the composite panels, the flat packs are light, strong and durable, with the heaviest panel weighing only 200 pounds. The panels are also versatile, re-deployable and can be used in roofs, walls and floors. Each unit is 10’ x 10’ x 20’ and can be integrated to create larger spaces. The Tupelo Flat meets construction requirements, can be set up in rough terrain if needed, is fire retardant and meets medical operational requirements. The composite materials used to develop the Tupelo Flat make it resistant to corrosive agents such as toxic chemicals and extreme weather conditions. No material handling equipment is needed for set up and the Tupelo Flat can be assembled on site in just hours.